Confession… Quarantine Edition (week 1)

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Confession day… blog post series where I share the things I’ve done or thought this week that I feel a lil guilty about. And in the current Coronavirus Social Distancing situation – I can’t go to confession at church (not that I’ve went since probably 12th grade?). So I need you to read this and reassure me that all is forgiven. K. Thanks.


Confession – Coronavirus Quarantine Edition Week 1

Updated to add: I wrote this BEFORE California Governor announced the ‘stay at home’ order throughout the state yesterday.

(This blog post series used to be on Thursdays, but any day is a good day to confess, right?)

I mention something I ordered on Amazon but given the fact that I ordered toilet paper last week and the delivery has been delayed due to ”weather or natural disaster” – I don’t know when/if I’ll actually get it.

I’ve heard Amazon is prioritizing essential items for delivery and toilet paper should be on that light, right?


My point is – I don’t have toilet paper. And I don’t know if I’ll get the other item I ordered yesterday.

I feel the need to put ‘week 1’ in the title as there may be a lot of confessions to come if the social distancing situation stays in place for a long time. I hope not though…

Okay, back to the confessions…

>> I was wrong about living at AirBnBs (or similar rentals) as I looked for a new place.

Looking for short term rentals as I’m searching for a long term place to buy or rent takes a lot longer and is a lot more expensive than I realized.

Living out of my suitcase while looking for a new condo / apartment / place to live – is NOT as fun and easy as I thought it’d be. Looking for a place on AirBnB, VRBO or even real estate listings takes A LOT of time.

I’ve booked places for 2 to 5 weeks at a time. And as a stay gets close to the end I start looking for the next (local) area I’d like to check out for a while (this is in an effort to get to know neighborhoods to see where I’d like to buy or rent long term).

Well, looking for a place that’s in the area, price range, runner friendly, accepts pets, safe and available for the dates I want it – takes days. I’ve spent several hours each day searching all the vacation and rental sites when it’s time for my next temporary move.

A lot of places don’t take dogs, don’t have at least a couple of weeks available, are way too expensive, aren’t in a safe location… so I have to keep adjusting my search area, price, dates, etc… in hopes of booking something.


>> I still love minimalism but I love maximalism when it comes to food and toilet paper. 

The minimalist life is great! Except it’s not ideal when there’s a worldwide pandemic and orders to quarantine yourself at home. I used to have a fully stocked pantry and plenty of extra emergency items and toiletries. But living with less means I got rid of so much of those things I kept on hand ‘just in case’.

>> I don’t have a bed, but I just bought a treadmill…

I’m moving into my parents’ studio apartment casita. When I moved out of my condo I donated or gave away all my furniture. And I’ve been staying furnished places so it’s not a thing. But now that I’m moving into a longer term place – I need a bed.

And in my defense – I did stop at IKEA to look at them yesterday. But I was turned away because of the COVID19 situation.

So I did what any red-blooded redheaded Mexican marathon runner would do… I went home and ordered a treadmill.

I heard that there might be a ‘shelter in place’ order and I got scared that I wouldn’t be able to run. So I ordered a treadmill and went looking for my air mattress to use as a bed for now.

Priorities, right?


>> I’ve never confirmed an appt in my life. 

When I have a dentist appointment, the office calls and texts me to confirm a week before the scheduled time. Then, they call and text again a few days before AND the day before. The messages ask me to respond to confirm the appointment. I NEVER confirm. I don’t know why, I just can’t.

I feel like if I confirm something will come up and I’ll miss the appointment and then – not only did I miss the appointment, but now I’m also a liar because I confirmed it!!

So I just don’t respond at all.

But now with the Coronavirus social distancing situation I’m thinking my upcoming appointment is going to be cancelled and all I can think about is whether or not they’re going to message me to cancel or if it’s still scheduled.

Note: One time one of the receptionists full on asked me why I didn’t respond at all to any of the messages… I used to go every month when I was doing Invisalign. I guess they were getting annoyed by my lack of response month after month. That’s why I even know it was an issue – before her comment I just thought it was easy breezy and no one cared.

>> I bought a 500 piece puzzle.

Apparently I was feeling very ambitious about my puzzle making abilities and/or thought I’d get bored very fast with the quarantine. So I ducked into Marshall’s to find some board games to play with my family. The only thing they had was a 500 piece puzzle.

Note: I’ve never put together a puzzle myself. The idea kinda got in my head since my friend’s mom got a puzzle for Christmas and we started it because she wasn’t super into it.

So when I saw the puzzle at Marshall’s and realized it was my only option – I bought it! And now I really need to put it together because

a. I’m genuinely curious how hard it is

b. I think it would be a good exercise for my brain (which usually only thinks about running & eating)

c. I have nothing else to do as I can’t even sleep during the quarantine since I DON’T HAVE A BED.

Now you go… What’s your confession of the day??

Please take care of yourself. Be safe. Be brave.


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