Tell-tale signs that you do yoga

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Founder of blok yoga Sammy Bowmer shares the tell-tale signs that you’ve become a yogi. 

When you begin a regular yoga practice, things can begin to change, around you and within you.

You start to become more aware of yourself – physically, mentally and spiritually. Your perspective begins to shift and you find yourself turning into… well, a yogi.

And…there are a few tell-tale signs aside from that post flow glow, that you do yoga.

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You wear birkenstocks

Because there really is no other shoe that can slip off before class the way a birkenstock can, not even thongs and who has time to untie their shoelaces these days, not us.

Even in the cold of winter you know we’re birken-socking.

It’s not your unibrow – it’s your third eye

Because you actually know what and where that is now, and no it’s not a third nipple.

You don’t carry a handbag anymore, it’s a tote bag now

And said tote is either from your favourite yoga studio, the health food store or your last activewear purchase.

Because who needs pockets and zips to sort things when you can just throw it all in one bag and spend 10 minutes searching for your keys every time you get home.

After a few spicy margs you’re showing everyone your dancers pose

It’s always the dancers pose, it’s the first pose you go to when you want to show someone your skills, although after a few margs it’s likely to look a little less graceful than it might feel, but you do you boo – get your yogi on whenever, wherever.

You rest with your legs up the wall

Laying on the floor – legs up, laying on the couch – legs up.

It just feels so damn good, plus you know about all the benefits you get from having your feet up in the air.

You understand what it means to be on the path

Every yogi begins their yoga journey at some point, maybe your first class at a studio, online, maybe you went to Bali or India, drank some of the kool aid and this is your life now.

Here you are carving your own path to greater understanding of self and spiritual awakening.

Your Lululemon tab is always open to the Align page

And there’s probably at least three items in your cart, ready and waiting for you to click buy – no amount of leggings can ever be enough because your wardrobe is now basically styled around what goes with your new moss green tights (ps. everything goes).

Everyone else is taking cute couple selfies you’re just like ‘babe, take a photo of me over here doing yoga’

Your instagram has gone from brunch shots and flatlays to Warrior 2 or Tree pose on a rock by the ocean, gotta get that content for the gram.

You tread a little more lightly

In the way you practice yoga on and off the mat, you’re more in tune with who you are at your centre and how you react and respond to situations in life, showing up for yourself and having compassion for those around you – doing that inner work is a practice, and it shows.

Sammy is a Sydney based yoga teacher and founder of blok yoga, a community driven popup studio in Double Bay. We have fun here, we move to feel good, we bring the good vibes – that’s the motto at blok and they have created a space where yoga is a more accessible and fun practice for anyone and everyone. find out more or book a class head to

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